The advent of technology has made the demands of School and University examining boards easier in many respects.  The wealth of information accessible online, coupled with the huge repository of reference sites and writing tools has made the scholar’s job seemingly less demanding.  Whilst spell checking and even limited grammar checking is readily available, many students do not have the breadth of knowledge of the English language to apply it to their work.  Knowing how to write English is one thing but knowing how to exploit the richness of the language is somewhat more complex.

One of the most challenging aspects of writing any academic paper is avoiding plagiarism.  Academic institutes employ a host of technology based solutions to the problem of students simply repeating information that has already been written many times before.  Given an essay or a thesis, with its references, we can ascertain the degree to which the work is original before submission and ensure it is all your own.


As well as the problems of producing originality, the length and composition of any written work is always a contentious issue.  Many people are daunted by the prospect of writing even a few thousand words and producing a thesis that may extend to some 30,000 words can be beyond the capabilities of even the most capable author.  There are also others who find the problem to be that of brevity.  Too often they will produce a work that is far in excess of the required word count and attempts at editing can lose the overall flow.


There are proof-readers that lay claim to a vast army of experts in every conceivable subject.  However well-educated they may be, to cover the entire gamut of possible academic topics is simply not possible and to make such claims is disingenuous to their clients.  We make no claims of specific subject matter expertise but we will proof-read, edit and refine your submissions so that they retain the full meaning of your intended theme, remove unnecessary repetition or wordiness, and provide you with a high quality piece of work in which you can have full confidence.  We leave the subject matter expertise to you; we are here to work with you and not instead of you!