It should be a straightforward task to follow instructions.  The problem comes when those instructions are written in such a way as to be too complex or outright unintelligible.  This causes mistakes to be made, tasks to take longer than necessary and sometimes a loss of faith in a product.

When translated from another language into English it can be all too easy to translate literally and not give any thought to one’s target audience.  A lack of clarity, context or flow can make even the simplest instructions difficult to follow correctly.

When manufacturing a product it is imperative to provide clear, concise documentation.  Whether that is a simple slip of paper with some basic “DOs and DON’Ts” or a detailed handbook or technical manual, it is imperative that this is done in such a way as to avoid ambiguity, confusion or mistakes.  Getting this wrong can at best, cause confusion on the part of a customer or at worse, lead to severe problems with damaging consequences.

There are a host of examples of badly written and badly translated documents in circulation.  Our aim is to reduce that number by producing high quality written English that will project the professional image your company desires.  We take the time to understand your business and your market so that whatever we provide is targeted specifically at your clients.